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At Trustlink we understand the complexity to connect to your bank and we take away the headache for you.

Trustlink’s own developed solution, Paylink, is an integrated cash management and banking middleware solution, which provides you with a single gateway to multiple banks.

More and more Corporates are looking to streamline and automate their Treasury and Cash Management processes. Typically, the biggest drivers are:

  • Multiple Proprietary Systems and Formats being used in the company’s source systems
  • Multiple User Authentications and Passwords for Online banking platforms
  • Bank dependence and the difficulty to change banks or systems
  • Lack of Visibility on accounts
  • Lack of Standardisation across all bank accounts
  • Risk and Compliance issues
  • Low Straight Through Processing rates means human intervention is required

On a Single platform you are able to manage your payments, collections and bank statements on all accounts.

Paylink integrates all your source systems or back office systems with the banks providing you with visibility on all the transactions.


Trustlink Paylink provides the corporate with a single platform for all the cash management and banking requirements across multiple banks.

It provides a single electronic messaging platform – a middleware solution that sits between your in-house Back Office systems (TMS, SAP, Oracle, Payroll Systems) and your banks. Paylink is an integration and translation system that is very flexible and able to handle Many-to-Many Format Translations, File Enrichment, File Syntax Validation, File Contents Validation etc. Trustlink is responsible for the technical interface and integration requirements with the banks.

Trustlink’s Paylink solution is built on an internationally recognised integration solutions platform, IBM B2B Integrator and IBM File Gateway which meets most message formats and delivery protocols used today. The solution can be scaled to meet all volumes to grow with the requirements of your business. This means that all complexities associated with handling format conversions, translations, enrichment and routing are managed and maintained centrally through the Trustlink Paylink solution.

Paylink provides the customer with the ability to do:

  • Adhoc Payments
  • Bulk Payments (Suppliers, Payroll, Customers Refunds etc.)
  • Bulk Collections (Debit Order Collections)
  • End of Day Bank Statement Reporting
  • Intraday Bank Statement Reporting
  • Audit Responses
  • Manage end users with no banking intervention
Using Paylink, organisations need only have a single logon to handle transactions across various banks and systems, simplifying banking and cash management for multi-banked and multinational corporates, and allowing them to improve control and visibility of liquidity, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.


  • Complete Bank Independent Solution.
  • Standardise Business Workflow
  • User friendly and customizable GUI
  • Single platform - Manage payments and collections on all accounts
  • Automation - Increase Straight Through Processing
  • Reduce risk of Fraud and Data manipulation
  • Trustlink responsible for technical interface with the banks
  • Paylink provides a full disaster recovery
  • Reachability - Support expansion in other Countries
  • Flexibility to customers
  • Reporting
  • Operational benefit - manage users internally
  • Corporate control for the cash management environment at a high single point for:
  • Authorised users and their rights, limits etc.
  • Define different usage rights for different business units
  • Workflow customisation

Product Demo

Paylink is an integration and translation system that is very flexible and able to handle Many-to-Many Format Translations, File Enrichment, File Syntax Validation, File Contents Validation etc. It has the ability to communicate protocols for example:

  • SWIFTNET (FIN and Fileact)
  • MQ (MQSA and MQHA)
  • Connect Direct

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